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Welcome to the new site has undergone a makeover, including the addition of a blog. Stay tuned for updates and insights into the world of technology, nonprofits and the wondrous world of the Internet.

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tommoberg RT @CommunityIT: Too often, tech projects fall into the formula OO + NT = EOO (Old Org + New Tech = Expensive Old Org) #nonprofitCRM @thisi
tommoberg The Google Play store currently has 0 phones available. All sizes/models/colors say 'We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.'
tommoberg The larger Office 365 plans will now have a 'video' module. Sort of a YouTube for your organization: #Office365
tommoberg RT @karentgraham: RT @MAPTechWorks: Should you outsource your IT department? New guest post from @peterscampbell